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How to Join

How do I qualify?

To qualify for membership, you must have received a score in the top 2% of the general population on a standardized IQ test. You can either present evidence of a previous qualifying score or take the Mensa proctored qualifying exam.


The Mensa Qualifying Exam

The proctored Mensa admission test is given regularly in our area. There are two tests given and if you receive a qualifying score on either test, you will be offered membership in Mensa. The test session takes about two hours. Contact Coastal Carolina Mensa for testing dates and information.


What other test scores are accepted?

There are many different test scores that are accepted for membership to Mensa. The qualification scores change periodically. Up to date information on the tests and qualifying scores that are accepted is available from the American Mensa website. Click on "Join Mensa." You can view an online brochure, download a printable application form or request information from American Mensa via email by using online forms.


I have a qualifying Mensa score

Congratulations! The next step is to contact the National Office.

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Arlington, TX 76006-6103

fax: 817-649-5232


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